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  1. It all started with a group of 7 people breaking into the Brighton bomb factory EDO and causing 1/4 million quid damage in an attempt to stop the ongoing slaughter of Palastinians, then a car full of fascists in Manchester was surrounded by an angry mob armed with hammers who proceded to do their own brand of DIY. Greedy banker Fred Goodwin's house and car windows were smashed, then on April.
  2. 天国列車 / ストリートスライダース 作詞 土屋公平 作曲 土屋公平 オリジナルキー:b キー:a 二つ下げ a/a/a/a/ a 天国列車に飛び乗っていこう a /a/a/a/a/ 天国列車で一緒にいこうぜ a 街はどしゃ降り 通りは行き止まり a 雨に降られた 俺たちのせて e d e d はしれ はしれ a/a/a/a/a/a/a.

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